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About AIC

AIC Industrial and Logistic Development Romania is a division of AIC Srl. Our team is present in Romania since 1995 and active in the automotive and real estate sector.

We have developed and sold more than 350,000 sqm of class A industrial and logistics buildings in Romania amongst them Cefin Logistic Park Bucharest (currently owned by P3), A1 Business Park (currently owned by VALAD), Cefin Logistic Park in Arad (currently owned by CTP) and Dunca Logistic Park in Timisoara (still owned by us).

Since 2013, following 4 years of essential market stand still, we have been active in real estate project recovery, both for projects formerly owned by us and third-party projects. In the last 24 months we have successfully completed transactions with a total value in excess of 30 million euro related to distressed industrial and logistic real estate properties.

Our in depth knowledge of the industrial and logistic real estate sector in Romania, our extensive network of contacts with investors and tenants and our hands-on approach towards complex projects make us an ideal partner for any major project in this field.